Algebra 1 Illustrated Poetry Book


MathOdes is an artistic fun and creative math teaching and study aid designed to help students remember math concepts and formulas in the form of poetry and illustrations.

Each “ode” details a particular math concept such as quadratic equations, functions, and polynomials.   Each ode in the book is also the lyrics on the music CD’s.  This illustrated book can be used by itself or as a companion to the MathOdes Algebra 1 Music CD by following along with the lyrics and illustrations in the book .

  1.  Number Sets
  2. Exponents
  3. Order of Operations
  4. Combining Like Terms
  5. Proportion & Variation
  6. Radical Expressions
  7. Polynomials
  8. Multiplying Polynomials
  9. Factoring
  10. Algebraic Fractions
  11. Equations
  12. Linear Equations
  13. Quadratic Equations
  14. Imaginary & Complex Numbers
  15. Absolute Value & Linear Inequalities
  16. Relations & Functions

…Think of the concept of a scale.
If it’s not balanced, it’s of no avail.

Similar to how equations are meant.
Both sides must be in agreement…

…A slope is a straight line’s inclination
To the horizontal orientation.

It’s measure you can define,
By picking any two points on the line…

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