Geometry Music CD


MathOdes: Etching Math in Memory is an artistic fun and creative math teaching and study aid designed to help students remember math concepts and formulas.

In the form of poetry and music, the formulas and rules focus on Geometry. Each of the thirteen “odes” details a particular math concept such as parallelograms, surface area, and regular polyhedrons.

Select the ‘Samples’ tab above to listen to several music clips!

  1. Angle Relationships
  2. Triangles
  3. Pythagorean Theorem
  4. Trigonometry Functions
  5. Circles
  6. Parallelograms
  7. Special Parallelograms: Square, Rhombus, & Rectangle
  8. Trapezoids
  9. Regular Polygons
  10. Surface Area
  11. Volume
  12. Regular Polyhedrons
  13. Fractions of Circles: Segment, Arc, Sector, & Cone

Track 1 – Angle Relationships

Track 2 – Triangles

Track 12 – Regular Polyhedrons

Track 13 – Fractions of Circles: Segment, Arc, Sector, & Cone

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