The Trigonometry Tryst – A Novel


The Trigonometry Tryst follows human versions of the six trigonometric functions as they intersect in the final weeks of a college school year. Sin, Cos, Tan, Sec, Cot, and Csc are all students at Unit University, a school whose buildings are arranged on the unit circle.   Each character has a unique personality, based on his or her characteristics as a mathematical function, as well as hopes and dreams for the end of the school year. Sec, a star college basketball player, has his eyes on Cos, so he enlists the help of self-doubting but computer-savvy Csc to help win her over. Cos, however, is more interested in the moody, mysterious, and driven Sin. Tan, a headstrong architecture student, wants to win an upcoming design contest to have her building constructed on the campus, but she needs the help of the inconsistent Cot, a graduate civil engineering student, to survey the plot of land. While visiting the campus dating website Unit Match, Cos finds a complementary profile that, unfortunately, doesn’t list the person’s name. There’s an invitation to meet on the profile, but it doesn’t list a location—only a date and time. Cos realizes that the owner of the profile has created a test, and she tries to figure it out with Tan’s help.

“Bailey admirably weaves in discussions of…uses for the functions involving the phases of the moon, the arc of a basketball shot, and architectural planning, filling the book with intriguing facts and tidbits…The novel’s quirky concept will please math buffs and beginning trigonometry students…” –  Kirkus Reviews


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