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Music and Poetry Study Aid

MathOdes® is a fun and creative math teaching and study aid designed to help students remember math concepts and formulas in the form of poetry and music. Each “ode” details a particular math concept such as surface area, quadratic equations, and matrix operations. The music is high quality and produced with both male and female vocals in a wide variety of music styles attractive to middle and high school ages.

Each ode is quite thorough and details concepts as well as formulas. For example, in the ode, “Quadratic Equations”, the quadratic formula is present as well as other methods for solving quadratic equations including taking the square root, factoring, completing the square, and graphing. For this reason, many of the songs can be lengthy which allows flexibility for teachers and students to use part or all of a song during a learning period. The rhyming format will help students recall the information easily.

Each of the products can be used together or separately. For example, a music CD can be playing while a student is following along in the color illustration companion book providing both audio and visual displays. Or a teacher or student can just use the products separately. The illustrated books contain the lyrics (poems) to the music with color illustrations following. The DVD’s provide the music as well as the visual lyrics in time with the music for each song which can be projected in a classroom session or used on an individual computing device or TV for a fun and effective learning experience!

J.A. Bailey

J.A. Bailey is the owner of MathOdes Company and the author of MathOdes poetry and lyrics. She started MathOdes Company in 2008 to develop supplemental math educational products in poetry and musical form to help memory retention. She has a B.S. in Metallurgical Engineering and also received a MBA. She has always had a love for mathematics, and she started the MathOdes Scholarship fund due to her strong desire to promote education.

Lindsay N. Jones

Lindsay N. Jones is the composer and female vocalist for the MathOdes recordings. As a full-time mother of two and wife to her wonderful husband Ken, she is working to complete her math teaching degree at Central Methodist University. Lindsay grew up in Bourbon, MO while studying music at Kay’s Music Studio.

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